Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


To see things. To enjoy simple things. That little reflection of water from a clear glass. The postures of two persons engaged in animated conversation. The way the morning light created shapes and shadows. And in the process, if I can record and make an image of those things, I’ll be extremely grateful.

A photographer is not primarily interested in photography, instead primarily interested in life. And the camera is my tool to record the things that move me. If there is no camera, I will paint. If there is no paint, I will draw. I may even construct a poem with my ‘far from perfect English’ about the things I love and care for in life.

I creates images by my impulse. It is what moves me at that very moment in time. To me, a beautiful picture may not necessarily be a good picture, but a picture which is able to breathe life, a picture capable of speaking, yes….to be able to stir in your heart a certain emotion. It need not be a sharp image, even an out-of-focus image appeals to me. It is my impulse, honed by my past personal experiences that things are not always clear and are often with indistinct boundaries. A sense of mystery …

The biggest threat to education is if the doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, said joel packer, the executive director of the cef

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